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Emperor Napoleon I's Authentic Saint Helena Eau de Cologne

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An authentic formula

Unchanged since 1819

Authentic and consistent with the original formula created by Mameluke Ali, faithful servant of Napoleon Bonaparte , the Emperor Napoleon I’s Saint Helena Eau de Cologne is certified by the Osmotheque, the world's perfume archive.

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With natural essential oils

An Eau de Cologne made in France at Fouras - Ile d'Aix, the last piece of French land to feel the Emperor’s footfall. With only natural and high quality components. To provide you with an exceptional product, this Eau de Cologne which constitutes a genuine collector's item and is the “only olfactory recollection we have of the Emperor”.*

* Maître André Damien, member of the "Institut de France"

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With an authentic narrative

Forced into exile on the island of St. Helena in 1815, Napoleon wished to show to the English that he was always, and despite them, the Emperor. So he instituted a severe ceremonial regime and strict etiquette. To wash, he paid particular attention to the use of Eau de Cologne, which was thus much more than simply a perfume of luxury and good taste with a fine and discreet bouquet, but the basic component of a personal pharmacy.

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